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With passion and conviction Wild Daze walks a tightrope race for survival by braving the tenuous tie between humans and nonhumans.

Set in Sub-Saharan Africa, in her compelling and new documentary, Wild Daze, director and producer, Phyllis Stuart shares the unvarnished truth about the battle between our paradoxical craving to control nature and our ultimate need to save the wild. ​ .

Wild Daze wades audiences gently through Africa's complex and murky complicity and corruption to witness how human activity takes a huge toll on the wild. Anchored by stunning visuals and emotional interviews, experts like Dr. Jane Goodall and American trophy hunters, leave audiences wanting to know how to help protect the wild animals who share our home.

Stuart does not lead with destruction but instead shows us Africa and its heart-breaking beauty while revealing the potentially irrevocable consequences if we cannot turn the tide against this dire ecocide.

All human beings are tied to animal welfare in ways both ethical and existential. Saving the rainforest and its precious biodiversity helps everyone. ​ Most people don't realize African wildlife is facing extinction, but believe Africa is a massive frontier teeming with wildlife still largely devoid of humans, but we have lost 83% of wild mammals and 50% of plants.

During the course of filming and meeting hundreds of seasoned conservationists, Stuart learned how saving the wild is as much about helping people as it is about protecting non-humans. However, since human beings are dependent on nature when we work to save nature, and non-humans, we are really working to save ourselves. Since human survival hangs in balance, we must decide whether we see ourselves as superior, as custodians, as entitled consumers or as a part of a delicate ecosystem.

Employing mesmerizing visuals captured by brilliant wildlife photographers and seasoned cinematographers, aided by powerful narration from Emmy-winning actor, Keith David, and bolstered by a bold musical score from Emmy-winning composer, Lolita Ritmanis.

Light Productions, Inc. has since 1987 produced events, employed advocacy and supported artists, activists and fellow creatives to harness the power of resonant stories to advance parity among humans and non-humans alike