Ground Operations

Ground Operations

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Sgt. Adam Burke made a promise to God. Bleeding out from a mortar hit in Iraq, Adam promised God that if he could live to see his family one more time, he would do something to make his life worth saving. Two years later he started the Veterans Farm, a place of emotional solace and job training in organic blueberry production for disabled vets like himself. Adam is just one of the inspiring and compelling veterans featured in GROUND OPERATIONS: Battlefields to Farmfields.
Follow our ensemble of combat men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan as they share their truth: Why they joined the military, how the war experienced changed them, what the daunting return to civilian life has been, how they struggled to find a positive pathway forward and ultimately, when they found organic farming and pasture-raised livestock to be an answer to a dream. Their stories are as inspiring as they are pragmatic as they find their next mission, food security for America.
Paradoxically, our veterans are looking for new challenging careers at the same time that the USDA is calling for one million new farmers in the next ten years to replace the 50% of American farmers who are at retirement age. Agriculture's problem is the veterans' solution. Citizens are clamoring for access to more affordable, locally grown, fresh food in their communities, from the urban core to the suburban and rural countryside. The Cavalry coming over the hill is just that — it's the Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and National Guard. In a world full of problems, GROUND OPERATIONS is a story about solutions.
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